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Indulge in Chocs ‘N Boxes’ 8 Piece Chocolate Truffle Box, where luxury meets taste. Custom-select from Whiskey, Orange, Raspberry, Vanilla, Cognac, & Calamansi flavors. Each truffle blends premium chocolate with unique tastes, offering an exquisite experience. Perfect for gifting or treating yourself.

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Elevate your taste experience with the 8 Piece Chocolate Truffle Box from Chocs ‘N Boxes, the ultimate luxury for discerning palates. In this exquisite collection, each truffle is a masterpiece, showcasing the zenith of chocolate craft. With options like the boldness of Whiskey, the zest of Orange, the tanginess of Raspberry, the creamy smoothness of Vanilla, the rich depth of Cognac, and the exotic twist of Calamansi, our 8 piece truffle box promises an unparalleled tasting adventure. Perfectly blending sophisticated flavors with premium chocolate, each piece is a celebration of both tradition and innovation. This selection is not just a treat; it’s a sensory journey designed to enchant the most refined chocolate aficionados. Whether you’re gifting a loved one or indulging yourself, our 8 piece chocolate truffle box is a testament to luxury and exceptional craftsmanship, making every moment memorable.

Discover the essence of indulgence with our 8-Piece Truffle Box at Chocs ‘N Boxes, where elegance meets decadence. Each truffle in this curated assortment is handcrafted to perfection, embodying a fusion of unique tastes with the finest chocolate. The 8 piece chocolate truffle box is more than a collection of chocolates; it’s an invitation to explore a world of flavors, carefully selected to offer an extraordinary experience. From the smooth warmth of Vanilla to the intriguing notes of Calamansi, every truffle is a discovery of its own. Ideal for sophisticated gifting or personal luxury, this box is the epitome of confectionery excellence. Delight in the rich textures and bold flavors that make our 8 piece chocolate truffle box a flagship offering for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Ingridients of 8 Piece Chocolate Truffle Box;

Whiskey Truffle – Cream, glucose, butter, sorbitol, milk chocolate, dark chocolate,
cocoa butter, whisky.

Cognac Truffle – Cream, dark chocolate, glucose, milk chocolate, sorbitol, cocoa
butter, cognac.

Vanilla Truffle – Cream, vanilla bean, glucose, manjari dark chocolate, soft butter,
sorbitol, cocoa butter.

Rasperry Truffle – Water, raspberry puree, glucose, trimoline, sorbitol, white chocolate,
cocoa butter.

Orange Truffle – Cream, dark chocolate, glucose, milk chocolate, soft butter, sorbitol,
cocoa butter, cognac.

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