80% LIBSOG Dark Chocolate (KETO/Diabetic Friendly) [85g]


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Introducing our 80% LIBSOG Dark Chocolate, a healthy and guilt-free treat that is perfect for diabetics and those following a KETO diet. “LIBSOG” means healthy in the native language and that’s exactly what this chocolate is! Made with 80% cacao, it contains absolutely no sugar and is sweetened with erythritol and monk fruit. This means that you can indulge in the rich and velvety flavor of dark chocolate without worrying about your sugar intake. Each 85g bar is perfect for snacking or as a gift for your loved ones who crave a healthy chocolate fix.

Country USA
Cacao Origin APOY BENIT’S CACAO AGRICULTURAL FARMING – Calbayog, Philippines
Allergen Info:


Not available online, but you can purchase this in our physical shop located at 4731 N Cumberland Ave, Norridge, IL 60706, United States

Discover the LIBSOG 80% Dark Chocolate Bar: A Healthy Indulgence

Indulge in the unique taste of our LIBSOG 80% Dark Chocolate Bar. Crafted for those who seek a healthier lifestyle, this chocolate bar combines rich, velvety dark chocolate with the benefits of being sugar-free. Sweetened with erythritol and monk fruit, it offers a guilt-free experience. Perfect for diabetics and KETO followers, it supports a healthy diet without compromising on taste. Each 85g bar serves as an ideal snack or a thoughtful gift for loved ones desiring a healthy chocolate option.

Experience the Richness Without the Guilt

The LIBSOG 80% Dark Chocolate Bar stands as a testament to our commitment to health and pleasure. Made with 80% cacao, it delivers a robust chocolate experience that is both indulgent and beneficial. Our process ensures that every bar retains the natural antioxidants of dark chocolate. Thus, you not only enjoy a delicious treat but also reap health benefits. Furthermore, its alignment with KETO and diabetic-friendly diets makes it a versatile choice. Consequently, each bite invites you to savor the richness without any worries about sugar.

Indeed, the LIBSOG 80% Dark Chocolate redefines healthy indulgence. It proves that you can enjoy the opulence of dark chocolate while adhering to a health-conscious lifestyle. Therefore, this bar serves as more than just a treat; it is a choice for well-being. Additionally, by choosing this chocolate, you support a movement towards healthier, guilt-free treats. With every purchase, you contribute to a future where indulgence and health go hand in hand. Treat yourself to a LIBSOG 80% Dark Chocolate Bar today. Experience the perfect blend of health benefits and exquisite taste in every bite.

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