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The Sweetest Way to Get Your Daily Dose of Antioxidants

Move over dark chocolate, there's a another sweet in town that's not only delicious but also good for you! We're talking about white chocolate, and it turns out this creamy treat has some surprising health benefits. Read on to learn more about why white chocolate is the new superfood.

1. White Chocolate is packed with antioxidants

We all know that dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, but did you know that white chocolate has them too? In fact, white chocolate contains even more of the antioxidant cacao than dark chocolate does. Cacao is known for its ability to protect cells from damage, so by eating white chocolate you're giving your body a boost of antioxidants to help keep you healthy.

2. White Chocolate can improve your mood

If you're feeling down, reach for some white chocolate! This creamy treat contains serotonin, which is a chemical that helps regulate mood. So, if you're looking for a natural way to boost your mood, look no further than your local grocery store's candy aisle.

3. White Chocolate can help lower blood pressure.

Researchers have found that the flavanols in cacao can help improve circulation and lower blood pressure. And since white chocolate contains cacao, it means it can help you enjoy these same health benefits. So, if you're looking for a way to naturally lower your blood pressure, snacking on some white chocolate may be a good option for you.

Chocs ‘N Boxes White Chocolate Bars

Our classic white chocolate bars are perfect for those who want a simple and sweet treat. Made with only the finest ingredients, our bars are available in two sizes 58 grams & 85 grams so you can indulge in as much or as little as you like. Besides being incredibly tasty, our white chocolate bars are also gluten-free, making them a great option for those with dietary restrictions.

1. White Chocolate 35% (85 grams / 58 grams)

Our classic white chocolate is a fan favorite for a reason. Made with only the finest ingredients, our white chocolate is creamy and smooth. It's perfect for those who want to indulge in a sweet treat without all the fuss.

2. White Chocolate with Pistachio Pili Nut

For those who are looking for something a little different, our white chocolate with pistachio pili nuts is the perfect choice. The combination of creamy white chocolate and crunchy pistachio nuts is sure to please. Plus, the addition of pili nuts makes this treat even more special.

As it turns out, white chocolate isn't just delicious - it's also good for you! Who would have thought? So next time you're looking for a sweet treat, consider Chocs 'N Boxes white chocolate and enjoy the health benefits that come along with it. So what are you waiting for? Indulge in our delicious white chocolate today!

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