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Indulge in Almond Chocolate at Chocs N Boxes

Oh, how the combination of almond and chocolate makes our taste buds do a jig! If you’re looking to indulge your love for yummy chocolate-y goodness along with delicate almonds, then head over to Chocs N Boxes. Our heavenly selection of goodies offers something special to all almond nuts and chocolate lovers alike – deliciousness that tickles both the eye and the palette. At Chocs N Boxes, we make sure each order is handcrafted in small batches using only high quality ingredients so that you can enjoy beyond compare flavourful experiences every time you crave them.

Our Almond Chocolate Is the Best of Both Worlds

Do you love the taste of almonds and the rich flavor of chocolate? Then our almond chocolate is perfect for you! At Chocs N Boxes, we only use the finest ingredients in all of our chocolates. That means our almond chocolate is made with real almonds and the best quality chocolate. It's then expertly crafted by our team of chocolatiers to create a truly unique and delicious treat.

Our almond chocolate is perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a tasty snack to enjoy yourself or a unique gift for someone special, our chocolates are sure to impress. And with our convenient online ordering, it's easy to get your hands on our delicious almond chocolate. So what are you waiting for? Order your own box of chocolate today!

Our Almond-Chocolate Products

  1. Caramelized Almond Dark Chocolate Keto Dragee

Our Caramelized Almond Dark Chocolate Keto Dragee is the perfect treat for anyone who wants to indulge without sacrificing their wellness goals. It's made with dark chocolate, making it an excellent choice for those following a keto or diabetic-friendly diet. The caramelized almonds add a crunchy texture and nutty flavor that complements the rich chocolate perfectly!

2. Coconut Almond Praline

Our Coconut Almond Praline combines two classic flavors in one delicious treat. This praline features roasted coconut and almonds covered in luscious dark chocolate. It’s sweet, nutty, and just the right amount of indulgence! The pralines come in an attractive box that makes them great for gifting or for treating yourself after a long day.

3. Dark Chocolate 80% with Roasted Almonds (Keto/Diabetic-Friendly) [85g]

For those looking for a healthy snack option, we offer Dark Chocolate 80% with Roasted Almonds (Keto/Diabetic-Friendly) [85g]. This delicious treat is made with dark chocolate and roasted almonds, making it both nutritious and satisfying. And because it’s keto-friendly and diabetes-friendly, it’s perfect for anyone looking to maintain their dietary restrictions while still enjoying something sweet.

4. Dark Chocolate with Almond [85g]

And if you're not quite ready to commit to the 80% dark chocolate option then we also have Dark Chocolate with Almond [85g] which is a bit sweeter but still packed with flavor.

5. Caramelized Almond Dark Chocolate Balls

Last but not least, we have Caramelized Almond Dark Chocolate Balls - bite-sized treats made from caramelized almonds smothered in rich dark chocolate.


So, what are you waiting for? Come and try our delicious almond chocolate today! I’m sure you will not be disappointed. You can order at our website or you can visit our physical store

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