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Our Chocolate Shop

"Village of Norridge, IL"

Here at Chocs N' Boxes, we put both taste and texture into each bite size treat that's made here in our shop where you can watch us work their magic.


The beans we use in making our own chocolate couvertures come from our farm in Samar, Philippines. Our farmers tend to our trees, carefully pick the pods at the right time, ferment and dry the beans, and ship them straight to our chocolate shop via DHL express to maintain their quality.

This is how we produce deliciously long lasting bonbons, truffles and other chocolate confections - your secret weapon to indulging without guilt!

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Our Farm

"Calbayog City, Philippines"

Our farm is located in Calbayog City, Philippines, a place known for its lush, green forests and waterfalls. The misty mountain air is the perfect environment for growing our cacao trees. The rich soil and ample rainfall evenly distributed throughout the year provide the nutrients our trees need to grow big and strong. We have our own vermiculture facility that produces vermicast fertilizer, the purest fertilizer on earth, sufficient for the needs of our cacao trees. 

We also formulate our own bio organic foliar from a mixture of seaweeds, fish amino acid and molasses to encourage them to produce flowers and cherelles and to sustain them. Our farm is free of pesticides as we believe in letting nature take its course. We take great pride in providing a safe and healthy environment for our cacao trees. The end result is a bountiful harvest of delicious naturally grown cacao beans that we process into various chocolate products.

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